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Casino Withdrawal Calculator

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: August 25, 2023

Welcome to the Gambling Pedia UK's Casino Withdrawal Calculator. This tool is designed to help you determine the exact amount you'll receive when making a withdrawal, taking into consideration any associated fees. By following the simple steps below, you can ensure transparency in your transactions and effectively plan your withdrawals.

Casino Withdrawal Calculator


Fee Amount: £0.00

Fixed Fee Deduction: £0.00

Total Amount After Deductions: £0.00

Estimated Receipt Date:

Casino Withdrawal Calculator Instructions:

  1. Enter the Withdrawal Amount: Begin by inputting the total amount you wish to withdraw in the ‘Initial Amount to Withdraw’ field.
  2. Specify the Withdrawal Fee Percentage: Provide the expected fee percentage in the ‘Withdrawal Fee Percentage’ field. For instance, if the fee is 2%, just enter ‘2’.
  3. Enter the Fixed Withdrawal Fee (if applicable): If there's a fixed fee associated with your withdrawal, input this value in the ‘Fixed Withdrawal Fee' field. If not, leave it at 0.
  4. Input the Estimated Days to Process: Indicate the number of days it usually takes to process your withdrawal in the ‘Estimated Days to Process' field. This will help you determine when you should expect the funds.
  5. Press ‘Calculate’: The calculator will promptly display several values:
    • The percentage-based fee amount is associated with your withdrawal.
    • The fixed fee deduction.
    • The total amount you'll receive after all fees have been deducted.
    • The estimated date when you should expect the funds.
  6. Resetting the Calculator: If you need to perform another calculation or correct an entry, simply click the ‘Reset Fields’ button to start afresh.

Use this tool as often as needed to ensure transparency in your transactions and to better plan your withdrawals.

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