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Best Betting Sites UK

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: September 11, 2023

Sports betting is deeply rooted in British culture. As the digital era sees an uptick in online bookmakers, we at Gambling Pedia UK have taken the task of meticulously reviewing these platforms. Our primary focus lies in the selection of premier sites based on their security, accuracy of odds, and bonus offerings. Our guide aims to direct UK players to the most trustworthy and rewarding betting experiences available online.

Top Betting Sites UK 2023

Here's the List of the best online betting sites in England, hand-picked by our experts after sifting through dozens. We've scrutinised all the nitty-gritty details to separate the wheat from the chaff and bring you only the most profitable options.

bet365 screenshot

Bet365 is arguably one of the most prominent global betting platforms, known for its vast betting options and advanced tech features. Originating from the UK, Bet365 has successfully expanded its services worldwide, establishing itself as a trusted name in the betting industry. They excel in live betting with a user-friendly interface.

What We LikedWhat We Didn't Like
Extensive live streaming catalogSlow loading times on certain devices.
User-friendly interfaceCustomer service can be slow during peak times.
Comprehensive in-play betting optionsOccasional restrictions on winning accounts.

Sports Markets Offered:

Major SportsRegional SportsModern Sports
Football (Soccer)CricketE-sports
TennisField hockeyUltimate frisbee
Rugby unionSumo3×3 basketball
Formula 1WrestlingDrone racing

Verdict: Bet365 stands out particularly for its unmatched live streaming catalog, appealing to users who appreciate real-time betting. The platform's user interface, combined with the plethora of in-play betting options, makes it a prime choice for those seeking a comprehensive betting experience. However, if instant customer service is your primary concern, you might experience some delays during peak times. Overall, this sportsbook will be the best choice for players looking for a variety of live games and an immersive betting experience.

Ladbrokes screenshot

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest bookmakers in Britain, providing excellent services since 1886. With a minimum deposit requirement of just £10, it's easy to get started here too. Sports types available include football, cricket, rugby union, and league, and many more options are available.

Their best feature is their ‘ACCA Insurance', which refunds your stake if one leg lets you down on an accumulator bet, giving you another chance at winning big.

They handle many online bets and have few complaints. If there's a problem, they have a strong support team. They also work with IBAS for big issues. For UK bettors, Ladbrokes is a top pick.

What We LikedWhat We Didn't Like
Strong brand reputationThe app can occasionally be glitchy.
Integrated casino and poker gamesSome withdrawal methods can be slow.
Exclusive promotions and offersLimited live streaming compared to others.

Sports Markets Offered:

Major Global SportsTraditional SportsModern Sports
Football (Soccer)Horse racingE-sports
BasketballGreyhound racingVirtual sports
Formula 1SnookerUFC
Moto GPPoolPolitics
American footballWinter sportsReality TV
CricketHandballIce hockey
MMA-UFCSpeedwayTable tennis
Volleyball5-A-SideBets on players and teams

Verdict: Ladbrokes remains a trusted choice for many due to its brand reputation and high street credibility. While their online app might have occasional glitches, the variety they offer with integrated casino and poker games makes up for it. Their promotions and offers are among the best, but if live streaming is a priority, some users might find their options a bit limited. For those looking for a holistic gaming and betting platform with consistent promotions, Ladbrokes is an ideal pick. screenshot

William Hill, a trusted name in betting since 1934, is perfect for UK players. They cover big sports like football, golf, and horse racing. With a low £5 starting deposit, it suits all budgets. Their ‘Edit My ACCA' tool is a game-changer, letting you adjust bets after they're placed. They have a strong online platform and many shops in the UK. They're also one of the UK's top online betting choices. For UK bettors seeking a reliable and dynamic experience, William Hill is a top pick.

What We LikedWhat We Didn't Like
Competitive oddsInterface can be overwhelming for newbies.
Wide array of betting optionsCustomer complaints about account limits.
Regular promotionsLimited esports betting options.

Sports Markets Offered:

Major SportsTraditional SportsModern Sports
Football (Soccer)Horse racingE-sports
BasketballGreyhound racingVirtual sports
Formula 1SnookerUFC
Moto GPPoolPolitics
American footballWinter sportsReality TV

Verdict: William Hill is a go-to for many seasoned betters due to the competitive odds they offer. Their extensive betting options and regular promotions keep users engaged. However, beginners might find the interface a tad complex. If esports betting is your main attraction, this might not be the best platform. Yet, for those who value varied odds and a storied brand reputation, William Hill stands out.

Coral UK screenshot

Coral Bookmakers, founded in 1926, stands as one of our top UK sportsbook choices. Their dual licensing, coupled with a legacy of exceptional betting services, speaks volumes. The recent merger with Ladbrokes elevates their credibility, while features like a low £5 deposit and the ‘Bet Builder' ensure user-centricity. Their commitment to fair play and secure transactions solidifies their top-tier status.

What We LikedWhat We Didn't Like
Responsive to feedback and reviewsTechnical issues with password reset
Genuine gameplay feels based on luckSlow withdrawal times, particularly to bank cards.
Quick payouts through certain methods like PayPallonger waiting time for funds compared to other platforms.
Comprehensive range of slot gamesHad to contact support multiple times for account issues.

Sports Markets Offered:

Major SportsTraditional SportsModern Sports
Football (Soccer)CricketE-sports
TennisField hockeyUltimate frisbee
Rugby unionSumo3×3 basketball
Formula 1WrestlingDrone racing

Verdict: Coral is known for its engaging slot games and responsive customer service, with many users highlighting timely payouts. However, some have faced issues with password resetting and withdrawal times. Overall, Coral's commitment to addressing feedback underscores its reputation in the betting market.

SkyBet UK screenshot

Given its far-reaching selection of sporting events to wager on—ranging from football to horse racing and beyond—SkyBet offers great value for your money and boasts highly competitive odds amongst its rivals: ensuring players always get the best bang for their (literal) buck! Minimum deposits start at just £10, making the site appropriate for budgets of all sizes.

As for the site’s best feature, its mobile app gives users access to all online casino features no matter where or on which device they play.

What We LikedWhat We Didn't Like
Free bets offered by SkyBet don't expire.The minimum withdrawal of £10 can be seen as a tactic to promote more betting.
Loyalty schemes and good value boosted odds are available.Frequent freezing of the cash-out option.
User-friendly app with a stable experience.Standard odds may not be as competitive as other platforms.
Quick payouts, ensuring players have access to their winnings.Restrictions and exclusions, especially after significant winnings.
Exceptional customer service by specific representatives (e.g., Joseph T).Difficulties with account verification and the potential for prolonged waiting times.

Sports Markets Offered:

Major SportsRegional SportsModern Sports
Football (Soccer)Horse racingE-sports
TennisCricketVirtual sports
Formula 1DartsReality TV
MotorcyclingGaelic sportsSpecials
American footballWinter sports

Verdict: SkyBet UK shines in areas like enduring free bets, prompt payouts, and an intuitive app design. However, potential account restrictions and particular withdrawal policies could be concerning for some. Based on user feedback, SkyBet is most recommended for players who value longevity in free bets and quick access to winnings, but might not suit those seeking consistently high payouts or frequent promotions.

How Gamblingpedia UK Rates Online Bookmakers

Choosing an online UK betting site is often nothing short of a daunting task. With so many fantastic options available, it’s important to consider each and everyone before deciding where to play.

With this in mind, be sure to consider these factors when selecting an online betting site:


As with anything on the World Wide Web, you’ll want to seek a reputable online betting site, such as Betting Sites UK, to ensure you’ll enjoy a safe and secure experience. Check out reviews from other users to assess the reliability of service and the likelihood of any customer support or payout issues, giving you the peace of mind you need as you dive into gameplay.

Competitive Odds

Comparing odds between Betting Sites in the UK will help you unearth the best overall value. Make sure you check out multiple sites to ensure you’re getting competitive odds across all sports and markets.

Safety and Security

This should always rise to the top of your list when choosing an online betting site in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for sites that use encryption technology such as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security), thus ensuring all data transferred between yourself and the site is encrypted: protecting it from potential hackers or (eek) malicious software attacks.

Also, be on the lookout for key security features such as gambling licences and certificates from third-party organisations like eCOGRA, reflecting compliance with industry standards regarding safety and fairness practices.

Sports & Markets

Sportsbooks offer varying levels of coverage with respect to the sports and markets available, so be sure to check which types of events are available before signing up—especially if you’re looking for something specific! Some may specialise in specific areas, while others perhaps provide more comprehensive coverage across multiple disciplines, including football, horse racing, cricket, etc. You’ll therefore want to perform your due diligence beforehand to know exactly which kinds of bets are available before making a financial commitment.

Bonuses & Promotions

Most reputable betting sites offer bonuses and promotions to attract new customers, ranging from free bets when you sign up to larger cashback rewards based on how much money you bet over time. Look out for these deals when deciding where to wager your hard-earned funds!

Payment Methods

Another factor worth considering are accepted payment methods. Most sites accept credit cards, but some also loop in alternative forms of payment such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc.: which can come in handy for those who prefer less popular payment options.

Customer Support

You cannot overlook customer service. After all, if this isn’t up to par for a specific site, chances are expectations will fall flat should something go wrong: no matter how good the website might look on paper. With this in mind, always ensure contact is available to help resolve issues quickly and efficiently whenever needed!

In-Play Betting

Live streaming services give players access to real-time action during matches, inviting them to place bets mid-game and adding another level of excitement to the playing field as outcomes now depend on pre-match predictions and actual gametime performance.

Mobile-Friendly Platform

Finally, as most people access the Internet via smartphones and tablets rather than desktops and laptops nowadays, never underestimate the importance of a mobile-friendly site. A responsive design and optimised user interface become increasingly important in this respect, regardless of the device used to view the content.

Sports Betting Markets

Horse Racing

Horse racing – the sport of kings and a favourite pastime of punters all over the UK. With various bets available, including win, place, each-way, and forecast/tricast bets, there's no shortage of opportunities to put your money where your mouth is. And with some of the most prestigious events on the planet taking place right on our doorstep, from the world-famous Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse to the Randox Health Grand National Festival at Aintree Racecourse and the Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse, there's no better place to get your horse racing fix.


Football is a beautiful game and a source of endless excitement for fans and punters alike in the UK. With a smorgasbord of bets to choose from, including match result (win/draw/lose), correct score, first goal scorer, and total goals scored, there's never a dull moment when it comes to football betting. And with some of the biggest events in the sporting calendar taking place right here in the UK, from the 2023 Papa John's Trophy final in Wembley Stadium, London, to the 2023 FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium, London, and the 2023 Papa John's Trophy final in Wembley Stadium, London, There's no shortage of opportunities to get in on the action.


Cricket isn't just a game; it's a way of life in the United Kingdom. And what better way to enhance the experience than by placing a bet? From match results (win/loss) to top batsmen or bowler run scorers, there are plenty of wagers to choose from. And with various cricket events happening across the country, including the ODI series vs South Africa at iconic stadiums like Bloemfontein Stadium, One Day Internationals against other international sides, and Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, there's never been a better time to get in on the action.

In the immortal words of legendary cricketer W.G. Grace, “When you win, say nothing; when you lose, say less.


Rugby is more than just a sport in the United Kingdom; it's a way of life. Fans can increase the excitement of the game by betting on their favourite team. Betting options include everything from predicting the match's outcome to picking the top scorer. There has never been a better time to get in on the action, with numerous rugby events throughout the year, such as the Premiership Rugby and the Rugby World Cup. Brian O'Driscoll, a rugby legend, once said, “I will not be overburdened. Period.”


Darts is more than just a game in England; it is a beloved pastime and part of the national culture. The ability to place bets on your favourite players and teams increases the excitement of darts even more. Bettors can predict everything from match outcomes to specific shot scores. With multiple darts tournaments and championships held each year, such as the PDC World Championship and the World Grand Prix, there has never been a better time to get in on the action. “The minute you take your eye off the board, you're in trouble,” darts legend Phil Taylor once said.


Boxing is a popular sport in Great Britain, with a history stretching back to the 18th century. The chance to place wagers on your favourite boxers adds to the sport's already enthralling atmosphere. Betting choices range from predicting the match's winner to estimating how many rounds will be played. With various boxing events throughout the year, such as the Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury bout, there's never been a better time to get involved. “I despised every minute of training,” recalled boxing legend Muhammad Ali, “but I urged, ‘Don't quit. Suffer now, and you'll be a champion for the rest of your life.

Online Sports Betting: Key Terms to Know

  • Arbitrage Betting: This involves placing bets on different outcomes with different bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome: requiring knowledge of how exactly markets work and how various bookmakers set their prices.
  • Asian Handicap: A popular form of football betting in the United Kingdom, teams are assigned either positive or negative goals before the start of a game. This betting style allows bettors to back their favourites without worrying about a potential draw, which would otherwise ruin their chances.
  • Yankee: A Yankee bet is a four-selection wager consisting of 11 separate bets: six doubles, four trebles, and one accumulator. The minimum stake for a Yankee bet is £11, and the odds of each selection determine maximum winnings.
  • Betting Exchange: This platform enables users to bet against each other rather than the bookmaker, meaning users can use both back and lay bets on sporting events. For example, if you believe Manchester United will win their next match, you can place a back bet at odds of 21 with another user who thinks otherwise.
  • Bookmaker: A person or company that accepts customer bets on sports and other events; these parties offer odds for each event and pay out winnings based on the same. What’s in it for them? They take a commission from winning bets to turn a profit.
  • Double Chance: This betting offers two chances to win by covering two outcomes in one bet: either Team A wins, or the game ends in a draw. If either outcome occurs, the bettor wins. If neither happens, he or she loses his/her stake money.
  • Each-Way Bet: This occurs when someone places two wagers: one for his/her selection to win and one to finish amongst the top-three positions (depending on how many runners there are). Returns from each part of this wager are calculated per varying rules that ultimately depend on the sport wagered upon and other factors such as the number of participants.
  • Fixed Odds: This involves placing a fixed amount of money on an event wherein the return rate is determined before any action takes place: meaning that no matter what happens during gameplay, the return rate will remain unchanged regardless of how much time passes or any changes that occur within the timeframe.
  • Free Bet: Online bookmakers offer free bets to incentivise customers to place wagers without risking any real money as they instead use bonus funds provided by the bookmakers. These offers are usually preloaded with specific conditions—such as minimum stakes required—but still often provide great value and are thus worth exploring.
  • Handicap Betting: Handicaps are applied to teams or players prior to an event so that all competitors enjoy an equal chance of winning despite varying abilities: ensuring fair competition and presenting exciting opportunities for gamblers.
  • In-play Betting involves placing wagers after an event has started but before it finishes. This provides plenty more opportunities for punters since markets may change drastically over time due to unforeseen circumstances occurring during gameplay, such as injuries.
  • Joint Favourites: According to oddsmakers, two selections with equal chances of winning are known as joint favourites.
  • Lay: This involves placing a wager against an outcome occurring rather than for it. For example, if you believe Manchester United will not win a game, you could place a lay bet at odds of 21 with another user who thinks they will win.
  • Moneyline: Punters place their money on the team or player they think will win, regardless of the score and other factors such as time remaining. This type of bet is usually used in American-style sportsbooks where point-spread bets are not considered.
  • Quinella: Bettors select the first two finishers in a race in any order.
  • Rule 4: This is the rule that governs winnings from horse races when one or several horses are declared non-runners before the race begins.
  • Spread Betting: Gamblers place bets on markets like stock prices and sports events by placing wagers on whether the price of something will rise or drop below a certain level.
  • Super Heinz: This consists of 120 combinations of five selections, including seven doubles, 21 trebles, 35 fourfold accumulators, and 35 fivefold accumulators.
  • Treble: Three choices made into the same event where all three selections must come true for the wager to pay out.
  • Underdog: An individual or team widely expected to lose their next match but still has a chance to win.
  • Value Betting involves looking for long-term value in bookmakers' odds and taking advantage of them whenever possible.

Betting on Sports: How to Get Started Online

You want to bet on sports but don't know how to get started. We've made a step-by-step guide for you on how to do it:

  1. Select a Betting Site: Before placing bets, you must find an online betting site that meets your needs and preferences. Research different sites and compare their features, such as bonuses, customer service, payment methods, etc., before deciding.
  2. Understand the Odds: Once you've chosen a site, it's essential to understand the odds of each bet type before placing any wagers. Different sports have varying types of bets associated with them. For instance, football may have win-draw-lose markets, while horse racing has a place or show markets. Ensure you comprehend what these mean before putting down any money!
  3. Set Your Budget: Before getting too involved in betting online, setting a budget is essential. This will help ensure you don't overspend and lose more than you can afford. It's also wise not to chase losses by increasing your stake if things aren't going well. This could lead to even bigger losses in the long run!
  4. Place Your Bets: Now that everything is set up and ready, go ahead and make your first bet! Most sites offer tutorials or guides on how best to use their platform, but generally, you must select which market(s) or event(s) you'd like to bet on. Then, enter how much money (stake) you want to put down for each selection. Once done, click ‘place' and wait for the results!
  5. Monitor Results & Cash Out: After placing your bets, keep track of the results either through notifications from the website or by manually checking back periodically, depending on when events occur. When finished, remember to cash out any winnings! This way, they're guaranteed rather than waiting until the next time when something might happen, causing them to disappear altogether!

Wrapping Up

Placing a bet on sports in the UK is often a fun and lucrative way to test your sports knowledge and earn some extra dough. Nevertheless, it’s always essential to gamble sensibly and well within your means in the process.

Understanding all rules and regulations, various types of bets, and winning wagering techniques is essential for online sports betting success. You’ll also need to compare odds and bonuses between bookmakers, gamble only with money you can afford to lose, and shop around for the best available experience.

Following these tips will improve your chance of success as you look to capitalise on the thrills associated with UK online sports betting.


What is the best online betting site?

The answer to this question depends on your individual needs and preferences, as there is no one-size-fits-all option in this respect. While some sites offer better odds, others boast more features or promotions. It’s important to not only read reviews and compare different sites before making a decision but also make sure you choose a site that offers solid customer service and secure payment methods.

How do I open a betting account online?

Opening an account with an online bookmaker is typically a straightforward process. Most won’t allow you to access their services until you provide basic personal information such as your name, address, and date of birth. You might also need to show proof of identity—such as a passport or driver’s licence—and you can start placing bets (woohoo!) after your details are verified.

How can I place football bets online?

Football betting works much like other types of sports wagering and will require you simply choose which team(s) you believe will win (or draw) in each matchup. Most bookmakers allow customers to place single bets on individual matches or accumulators (multi-game bets). Odds typically displayed next to each choice show how likely it is your bet will win based on past results and current team performance, so be sure to pay attention to this important information.

How can I win at online football betting?

Winning football bets requires knowledge of both teams involved in any given match-up along with research into their recent form, head-to-head records, and more. Other strategies can help boost your chances of success over time, however, such as using staking plans or setting limits on losses per day or week. As with any type of gambling, luck still plays a part: so don’t expect guaranteed wins each and every time.

How do I pay online sports betting taxes?

You must declare any online sports betting profits when you file your taxes each year. As tax rates can differ depending on where you live in the UK, you’ll want to check local laws before sending in tax returns or making payments. Not only that, but some types of gambling income may qualify for special exemptions under HMRC rules. Always consult with a lawyer if you’re unsure about anything related to taxation, as it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry in this respect.

What is the safest online betting site?

When choosing an online bookmaker, safety is the (most important) the name of the game. Check to ensure the site uses encryption technology (SSL certificates) and read reviews from existing customers for added peace of mind: reputable companies will likely not have many negative user comments regarding their services.

Preston Davis is a gambling writer based in London. He's always on the lookout for new Online casinos, bonuses, and games to write about - so you can be sure he's on top of any news as soon as it breaks. Preston takes his work seriously but likes to have fun too - which is why he thoroughly tests everything he reviews before giving his final verdict. Preston enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children when he's not writing or playing games.