Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy (hereafter also referred to as “Policy”) for (hereafter also referred to a “GamblingPedia”) as detailed on this page explains the privacy rights site users have. Together with the Terms of Use and Disclaimer, this forms the complete Agreement all visitors have with the website. All users can access the Policy from all web pages on GamblingPedia by clicking on the relevant footer link. Therefore, the Policy applies to all pages on this site.

All users automatically agree to the Privacy Policy by using The Policy is in place to protect the rights of all users and any information they share with the website, besides all the steps we take to ensure effective protection. This includes how we collect, manage, and use all user information. The Policy is mainly governed by our Terms of Use which can be updated at any time. However, direct changes to the Policy can also be made in some cases.

 Types of Personal Information Collected

 (1) Non-Personal Information & Usage

  1. obtains general information from all site users. This is non-personal information that cannot be linked to specific users nor used to identify you personally. Examples of non-personal information the site collects include but is not limited to:
    1. The time and date that the website is accessed
    1. The type of device used to access the website
    1. The capabilities and features of the device used to access the website
    1. The geographic location the site is accessed from
    1. The domain identifier used for internet connection
    1. The movement of the user around
  2. All non-personal information collected by the website primarily serves as research for the site so we can make continued improvements for our users. Its fundamental purpose is to gather statistics and generate reports that can help the site offer a better user experience.
  3. Examples of how GamblingPedia can use this information for future developments to improve function and user experience include but are not limited to:
    1. Ensuring that information and resources on the website are appropriate for the location demographic of users accessing the site.
    1. Ensuring that the site runs optimally on the different types of devices and screen sizes that users access GamblingPedia from.
    1. Checking which pages users are not spending much time on so GamblingPedia can revisit the content to make it more informative and beneficial for users.

 (2) Personal Information & Usage

  1. GamblingPedia collects personal data from some users that voluntarily provide this information, either directly to the site or through affiliated third-party companies. This gathering of data can happen through various means, including the user:
    1. Signing up to subscription services such as newsletters
    1. Posting in GamblingPedia chatrooms or forums
    1. Contacting the website using contact forms
  2. Unlike non-personal information, this data is directly linked to your identity. The personal information collected by GamblingPedia includes but is not limited to the user’s:
    1. Legal name and/or username
    1. Correspondence address
    1. Email addresses
    1. Mobile and home telephone numbers
    1. Company website
    1. Any other information provided voluntarily to the website or its affiliates
  3. The website guarantees that all personal data will be stored securely to protect your sensitive and identifiable information. We agree to not sell or disclose any user’s personal information with third parties at any time.
  4. GamblingPedia will not use any personal information for any reason other than:
    1. Contacting users via the contact methods provided to update them on site information or to meet subscriptions that they have signed up for. This includes responses to direct queries and messages, as well as information relating to deals and offers for related services and products through our affiliate partnerships.
    1. Publishing personal information such as using a name or username after receiving explicit permission from the user to do so.
    1. Deciding what content the user will be interested in and tailoring the user preferences to match, contributing to a better user experience and tailored correspondence
  5. The site also collects users’ IP addresses, cookies, and other information. This can be considered personal data when associated with other pieces of personal information. GamblingPedia only used IP addresses and cookies in combination with personal information for tracking users’ movement internally on the site.

 (3) Expanded Use of Cookies

  1. GamblingPedia uses cookies to personalise content and advertisements for our users and to analyse site traffic. This is a non-invasive way of obtaining information to allow for a more personal experience for all users.
  2. Many of the cookies are necessary and are a requirement for the website to function effectively. They allow for basic functions such as page navigation to allow users to access all areas of the sites they should have access to. All other cookies require permission from users.
  3. The site may combine cookie information with personal data that we have collected via the aforementioned means for improved user experience and personalisation.

 Policy Acceptance & Amendments

  1. All users automatically agree to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy by visiting the website, alongside constituting agreement to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer. These three documents together form the complete Agreement.
  2. GamblingPedia reserves the right to amend or update the Privacy Policy at any time and without any requirement to give notice to site users. Once the updated version of the Policy is published, it becomes effective immediately.
  3. The site is not obligated to inform users of any changes to the Policy and/or other related documents. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check the agreement for updates and discontinue using the site and its services if they disagree with the terms.

 Contact Information

  1. GamblingPedia can be contacted via any of the contact methods available on the Contact Us page, which can be accessed here.