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How To Play Cops N Robbers Slot

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: May 24, 2024

How To Play Cops N Robbers Slot

The software devised by Play’n GO has produced a 9-payline video slot game that is enthralling.

The article intends to lead you through this fascinating game, highlighting on aspects such as cops n robbers big money bonus feature plus tactics for winning. Prepare yourself for an escapade like no other while entering into the universe of cops n robbers slots.


  • RTP 95.19%
  • Potential Max Win $250,000
  • Progressive Multiplier

Theme and Graphics

Once you learn how to play Cops n Robbers Megaways it’s about time we took a closer glance at what makes it tick- its theme and graphics. The game immerses users in an intense crime-busting storyline which unfolds against the backdrop of a penitentiary wall thus elevating excitement levels associated with pursuit.

Each time the reels spin, gamblers are thrust into an elaborate cops and robbers affair illustrated through animated icons that are not only engaging but also have interactive features of their own sizeable reels.

But wait, there’s more; Play'nGO’s ‘CopsNRobbers’ will also delight with its retro style cartoons set against the silhouette of city skylines – adding another layer towards fun gameplay while backed by fast-paced background music throughout every spin that occurs within this title’s runtime.

Cops N Robbers Slot Theme and Graphics

The carefully designed visuals based on popular fruit machine themes around arresting criminals don’t just provide an immersive environment for players – they serve as a trip down memory lane thus making it attractive even to those who might be newbies when it comes these types among seasoned ones too!

This game is different from others because it uses visuals to tell stories and create an environment that feels real. This keeps it ahead of other online slots in the market as people will always love it.

The arresting images combined with interactive gameplay make sure that Cops n Robbers is still players’ number one choice when looking for thrilling experiences with slot machines on the internet.


In Cops n Robbers Megaways slot, there is a wild symbol which can lead to great winnings. The Car Chase Bonus introduces an element of fun into the game while also keeping players entertained.


In this game, the wild symbol has a great impact. It is represented by a British bulldog which is ready to unleash mayhem on the reels. What makes it even more interesting is that this shrewd animal has the ability to randomly substitute other symbols thus creating additional winning combinations for gamblers.

This means that whenever you see it, be ready for some real money because your chances of winning big are quite high. Therefore, during play, every person should be in search of these signs at all times.

Another character known as Bonzo who is also in the cops n robbers team brings more excitement whenever he interacts with any wild symbols present in the game. The dog sits on top of a particular column waiting for his cue then once he notices one beneath him, transforms all icons within that row into wilds thereby increasing your probability of hitting jackpots even further than before!

This not only raises your hopes but also keeps you at the edge of the seat as you wait to see what move Bonzo will make next.

Also, another element is introduced by Wild Picks where players can turn entire reels into wilds through one or two picks awarded randomly. Especially when the symbol is wild, this feature creates more chances for huge winnings.

If you are looking for ways to unlock big wins in crazybobs cops and robbers or any similar cops and robbers mod apk games, understanding these Wild features may help you break open the vault of prizes.

How To Play Cops N Robbers Slot 2

Car Chase Bonus

After the excitement brought about by the wild symbol, players can take their thrill a notch higher with the Car Chase Bonus. This feature is activated when three or more Scatters appear anywhere on the reels.

It involves a fast-paced chase that will not only get your heart racing but also create opportunities for great victories.

Have adrenaline-pumping pursuits as well as beat law enforcement officers so as to win big.

When this bonus is triggered, players have to choose between it and another one using the Bonus Choice feature. Going for the car chase bonus puts you right in the middle of action where you face different challenges trying to escape from being caught.

Each successful runaway attracts handsome rewards thereby making every second of the pursuit exciting and potentially profitable without having to use any cops n robbers cheats.

How to Win in Cops n Robbers Megaways

You need the following things to win in Cops n Robbers Megaways:

Blue Light and Red Light Features strategically. Maximise your chances with Free Spins and Chase Bonus while keeping an eye on the RTP and Variance.

Blue Light and Red Light Features

The Blue Light and Red Light features in Cops n Robbers Megaways bring an exciting twist to the gameplay. These features activate at random, making each spin unpredictable and thrilling.

The Blue Light ignites a flood of mystery symbols onto the reels, which can transform into any symbol except scatters, increasing your chances of hitting winning combinations. Meanwhile, the Red Light kicks off a dynamic chase between cops and robbers across the increasing Megaways, adding an extra layer of excitement as you watch your potential winnings grow.

These special features not only build up suspense but also pave the way for more substantial rewards. The mystery symbols from the Blue Light could reveal high-paying icons, while the increasing Megaways during the Red Light chase maximises your win ways explosively.

Given these features trigger randomly, players stay on their toes throughout their gaming session, eager to see what surprises await them next.

Next up: Free Spins and Chase Bonus details that further enhance your chances of walking away with hefty payouts.

Free Spins and Chase Bonus cops n robbers slot

Free Spins and Chase Bonus

Players unlock the Free Spins Bonus in Cops ‘n' Robbers Megaways to discover Walking Wilds, Stacked Wilds, and an Unlimited Win Multiplier. They can gamble these free spins up to a maximum of 25, enhancing their chances of a significant win.

When the bonus rounds are triggered, players get more chances to win big and keep the fun going. 2 extra free spins are awarded for each additional scatter symbol that appears during this time.

For car chase enthusiasts, there’s no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than with our ‘Car Chase’ bonus round. Land 3 or more cop car scatters anywhere on screen and prepare yourself for anything between 10-25 free spins. Not only do players stand the chance of winning more cash prizes during such free spins, but they also enter into a thrilling virtual chase scene represented by those reels shifting grid positions beneath them. As each win is hit, the multiplier increases. The background brightens up a little bit if there’s no action taking place.

After familiarizing yourself with various strategies that can be used to increase earnings while playing Cops & Robbers Megaways slot game (Read our “How to Win” guide next).

Free Spins and Chase Bonus

Return to Player (RTP)

Motivated by the highly competitive nature of this era, players always look for slot machines that offer them a better chance at winning back their money over shorter periods. Cops & Robbers Megaways has an RTP of 95.5%. This means that in theory, if you were to wager £100 on it today, your expected return would be £95.50 tomorrow or over any number of days equaling thousands or millions of spins made by all customers combined since being released into casinos worldwide during August 2019.

The above return percentage shows only how much one can hope to win if everything goes according to plan – let’s not forget about those inevitable fluctuations which are an integral part not only slots but all sorts gambling activities where chance plays major role!

Variance is another term commonly used when describing different types risks associated with various games of chance such as roulette or blackjack where there’s always some level uncertainty involved while waiting see what card will come next etc. It also applies equally well here in relation to video slot machines like Cops and Robbers Megaways since they operate’ve been programmed using random number generators software

Players who prefer frequent payouts may want to try a slot game with lower variance, while those who don’t mind waiting for larger wins could find Cops and Robbers Megaways more appealing.


Prepare yourself for an exciting game slot session filled with a lot of thrill and action in Cops ‘n Robbers. Start by adjusting your bet per line then proceed to play this amazing title confidently.

With multiple ways such as free spins or car chase bonuses among others for one to win big, it is no doubt that you will have what could be described as the most exhilarating gaming experience possible spend hours on end being entertained by diving into Cops and Robbers Megaways.

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