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What Information Does A Casino Track On You?

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: March 18, 2023

Do you enjoy placing bets but worry about being watched? In this article, you will learn how to avoid being tracked by online casino sites and what data online casinos collect about you.

What data does an online casino gather about you?

The information that casinos might gather about you is listed below:

Your IP address: Online casinos frequently track players' IP addresses. They can learn much about people's playing habits and locations by looking at their IP addresses. By identifying trends resulting from this data collection process, the company can use this information to improve customer service in upcoming games or offers!

Your browser information: The casino will also be aware of the type and version of the browser you're using. They might even be able to tell that you have plugins installed!

Information on wins and losses: The casino keeps track of this data each time you profit or lose. They use your wins and losses to calculate how much money they make from you.

Your transaction history: If you use a credit card or an e-wallet to deposit or withdraw money at the casino, they will keep track of this information.

Betting amount: The casinos can track your betting patterns using tracking software. They can calculate how much money they can deduct from you in commissions or fees by knowing how much you bet.

Times of playing: The casino will keep track of the times you play. The casino has a lot of information on who is playing, when and where. Times of playing help them calculate how much money you're making from your gambling sessions so they can keep track of it all.

How Can I Stop the Casino From Tracking Me?


A VPN is the most effective way to stop the casino from tracking you. The casino won't be able to see your IP address because a VPN will encrypt your traffic. The casino won't be able to follow you or your gambling patterns thanks to a VPN.

Use a proxy server

A proxy server is another method for preventing the casino from tracking you. A proxy server will serve as a go-between between you and the casino. Your traffic will be forwarded to you by the proxy server after being sent by the casino. The casino won't be able to track you as easily if you use a proxy server.

Use a Tor browser

To encrypt your traffic and conceal your IP address, a Tor browser uses the Tor network. The casino won't be able to track you if you use a Tor browser.

Use Bitcoin or Another Cryptocurrency

The casino won't be able to track your transactions if you deposit or withdraw money using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Casinos won't be able to monitor your activity because Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not linked to your personal data.

You can avoid being tracked by the casino using any of these techniques. Pick the one that works best for you!

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