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How To Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: May 23, 2024

How To Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is one of the most exciting games that you can play when it comes to online slots. It takes the best parts of both slots and bingo, combines them into something new and unique with an overall experience that will keep your attention. The goal for players is to match numbers on a 5×5 grid with the ones revealed on the slot reel while winning prizes along the way through bonus rounds being unlocked by them. This guide has been written in order help you navigate through setting up bets strategically as well as using some tips which may increase chances for winning larger amounts.


  • RTP: 95.02%
  • Bonuses: Multiple
  • Features: Wild Symbols

Know Your Way Around The Game Interface

Think of it like entering into a new playground- familiarizing oneself with all its nooks and crannies; therefore getting acquainted with the game interface is paramount.

Breakdown of the 5×5 Grid

The main area of Slingo Rainbow Riches is a 5×5 grid which closely resembles a bingo card. It’s filled with numbers waiting to be matched by players against those appearing on the slot reel located below it.

Pretend that you are playing bingo but with an extra sprinkle of slots – that’s essentially what’s happening here. These reels situate right at the bottom side of this grid and they have quite a task ahead of themselves: spin & stop revealing either numbers or unique symbols; should any of them coincide with those found on the grid then they get markedoff accordingly.

Prizes are awarded for lining them up correctly as well as unlocking extra rounds that boast great rewards too.

Each spin makes things unpredictable due to the variety brought about by the different combinations created during play time after time again. Also there is no denying the satisfaction derived from seeing each number being ticked off one after another isn’t it? It is simple but fun – making every game different from before in its own way within the world of slingo.

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Control Panel Overview

The control panel is made up of the following:

Alright, let's get down to the brass tacks about this control panel in Slingo Rainbow Riches. It's like the command center for your game. Here, you can tweak things – think of extra spins and how you want to play.

This bit is crucial because it lets you steer your game just how you like it.

You'll see options for adjusting bets, firing up those extra spins, and other settings that make your gameplay smooth. It’s all there at your fingertips on the interface panel. So yes, messing around with the control panel isn't just poking buttons; it's about making choices that can lead to bagging more wins or exploring different playing options.

Keep an eye on those controls – they're more helpful than you might think!

How to Start Playing

How to Start Playing

So, you're ready to jump into Slingo Rainbow Riches? Cool – first up, you'll need to get the game going. Just choose how much you want to bet and hit that ‘Start Game' button… simple!

Steps to initiate a game

To start your adventure in Slingo Rainbow Riches, first, you need to decide how much you want to bet. Look for the option that lets you set your stake; it's usually a button or slider on the screen.

Once you've picked your bet size, find the ‘START GAME' button and give it a click. That's all there is to it—you're now ready to play!

As soon as you hit ‘START GAME', watch as the game springs into action. Your chosen bet is locked in for this round of play. Keep an eye on that 5×5 grid because that's where all the magic happens.

And just like that, with a push of a button, your journey towards chasing those rainbow riches begins.

Tips on selecting bets

Before you jump into Slingo Rainbow Riches, take a good look at the paytable. It's like your treasure map—showing you potential payouts and how the game plays. You'll want to start with 50 coins; think of it as your lucky charm.

Now, choosing a multiplier is where things get interesting—it changes how the game treats your wins.

Bet with the banker for that sweet spot—a house edge of just 1.06%. It’s almost like having an insider tip! And don’t forget those bonus symbols scattered around. They're not just pretty faces; they could seriously boost what you take home.

So, peek at that paytable, buddy up with the banker, set your starting stake and pick that multiplier wisely. Who knows? Those bonuses might just lead you to the end of the rainbow.

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Key Strategies for Winning

To bag some wins in Slingo Rainbow Riches, focusing on lining up those numbers quickly is key. And don't forget—those bonus rounds? They're golden opportunities, so make sure you use them well!

Importance of completing lines

Getting lines done is like finding a pot of gold in Slingo Rainbow Riches. Each line you complete brings you closer to big wins. It's all about lining up the right symbols across the 5×5 grid.

This isn't just luck; it's skill, strategy and a bit of magic.

Filling those lines isn't just satisfying – it's your ticket to triggering cool bonus rounds. Think of each line as a key step towards victory. Bonus symbols pop up, making your journey exciting and filled with surprises.

If you keep your eyes on the target, work towards completing more lines, and put in the hours required, your hard work will end in success.

Using bonus rounds wisely

Think of bonus rounds in Slingo Rainbow Riches as hidden gems that are waiting for you. When you get five or more Slingos, these special rounds can be unlocked. This is the part where things can get pretty interesting.

Additional spins and higher chances of winning large amounts of cash are some of the benefits of playing the bonus games. Imagine having 10 extra spins with Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold.

Now let’s discuss the Cash Crop Bonus strategy. All you have to do is spin for winning values and play through four rounds which increase in value each time thanks to multipliers. If used wisely, these bonus features will help you maximize your chances of winning big bucks.

So go for it – aim at those bonus rounds because they are what will help you increase your wins with each game round played.

In conclusion

The Slingo Rainbow Riches is a mix between slots and bingo where players have to match numbers from a 5×5 grid with those on a slot reel below. To win, one must know how the interface works, set their bets strategically and also try completing lines on the grid. It is possible to increase your earnings by unlocking different types of bonuses and using them wisely. Understanding these simple rules alongside some important strategies could help you have more fun while playing and even win bigger prizes.

Preston Davis is a gambling writer based in London. He's always on the lookout for new Online casinos, bonuses, and games to write about - so you can be sure he's on top of any news as soon as it breaks. Preston takes his work seriously but likes to have fun too - which is why he thoroughly tests everything he reviews before giving his final verdict. Preston enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children when he's not writing or playing games.