Terms of Use

The “Terms of Use” (hereafter also referred to as “Terms”) for GamblingPedia.co.uk (hereafter also referred to as GamblingPedia) as described on this page go hand-in-hand with the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. They can be accessed from every webpage by clicking on the relevant footer link. As such, these Terms apply to every page on this site. By choosing to use GamblingPedia, all visitors agree to these Terms, the Privacy Policy, and the Disclaimer.

The purpose of these Terms is to provide users guidelines and inform you of limitations you have with the content found on GamblingPedia. We encourage all users to read and understand these Terms before partaking in any activity on this website. Doing so helps ensure there is a mutual agreement between GamblingPedia and the site user and outlines the obligations of both parties.

 (1) Definitions

  1. “Site” or “Website” refers to this site, GamblingPedia.co.uk, unless otherwise directly specified as referring to another external domain.
  2. “User” or “Visitor” or “You” all refer to any visitors to the site GamblingPedia.co.uk. This could be individuals, groups, companies, or organisations.
  3. “Terms” or “Terms of Use” refer to the conditions, terms, and descriptions detailed on this webpage as set by GamblingPedia.

(2) Acceptance of Terms

  1. These Terms of Use are seen as accepted by any visitor that accesses this website. As such, all visitors are bound by these Terms and their current published form on the date which the user accesses the website.
  2. The Terms act as a legally binding agreement that governs the relationship between the user and the site and any uses and limitations of the content and services found here.
  3. Any users that disagree with these Terms of Use should immediately exit the site and discontinue using any of its services. Avoid revisiting the site at all costs.

 (3) Amendments to Terms

  1. The Terms outlined and published on this page reflect the current and up-to-date agreement between the site and the user. GamblingPedia can choose to make amendments to these Terms at any time without prior notice to users.
  2. All changes take effect immediately and apply to any users that access the site after the date the amendments took place.
  3. GamblingPedia is not responsible for informing visitors of any amendments to the Terms. It is the responsibility of website visitors to check the Terms of Use policy and identify any changes. If users disagree with any of the amendments, they should promptly discontinue the use of the site.
  4. Any changes to the Terms do not impact the validity of any other prior agreements between the site and the user, with previous agreements remaining intact.

 (4) Legal Capacity

  1. In the United Kingdom, only adults after 18 or older can legally participate in online gambling activities. As such, any minors (under the age of 18) accessing GamblingPedia lack the capacity to agree to these Terms.
  2. This website is intended for adults only and should not be accessed by any users under the age of 18. Anyone under this age is forbidden to use this site and its services.

 (5) Software & Services Provided

  1. GamblingPedia.co.uk is a site intended to provide informational resources for online gambling. This includes online casino gambling, sports betting, and other forms of remote gambling that are legal in the United Kingdom.
  2. This is an independent site and is not an online gambling operator, nor is it controlled by any online betting provider. GamblingPedia cannot and will not take any real money wagers or other gambling transactions.
  3. All content can be accessed by users for free. The content found here is intended for informational and educational purposes only.

 (6) Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All content on this site – including but not limited to text, data, tables, programmes, artwork, services, images, audio, music, video, and software – belong to this website. All users accessing the site acknowledge this ownership.
  2. Site users obtain no rights to any copyrightable or patentable work, published materials, or any other propriety information by accessing the site.
  3. None of the content found on GamblingPedia.co.uk can be copied, reproduced, republished, or distributed in any way. This would be an infringement on the copyright and ownership the site has over its content.
  4. Any user wishing to copy, reproduce, republish, or distribute any content must request explicit permission from GamblingPedia.co.uk.

 (7) Third-Party Content

  1. GamblingPedia uses hyperlinks to third-party websites, software, and content on many of its pages. These links are intended for informational purposes or to offer services we believe visitors will find useful.
  2. Any third-party site referred to is not operated or controlled by GamblingPedia. The website cannot take any responsibility for the content found on these third-party sites, nor does it take any liability for any incorrect or invalid information found at these sites.
  3. It is down to the responsibility of the user to review the terms of any third-party site that they access through GamblingPedia, including the site’s legality in the user’s current location and any access limitations in place.
  4. Access to any third-party sites through links on GamblingPedia and their subsequent use is done so entirely at the user’s own risk.
  5. When accessing any third-party content, the user agrees that GamblingPedia cannot be held accountable or responsible for any harm caused or damage incurred both, directly and indirectly, that resulted from visiting the site.

 (8) Limitation of Liability

  1. GamblingPedia.co.uk cannot legally be held responsible for any losses or damages users may incur by accessing third-party content on the site. This includes monetary losses or other damage of any kind that results from accessing the other site’s content, services, or software.
  2. Users agree to hold this website, GamblingPedia.co.uk, harmless and not liable for any damages incurred by the user’s use of third-party sites.

 (9) User Content Conditions

  1. There might be cases in which GamblingPedia permits users to add content to the site. This is included but is not limited to the addition of comments, chats, and forums. When doing so, users agree to never upload any content that is:
    1. In violation of any laws or infringes on any copyright, patent, or trademark.
    1. Inaccurate or misleading for other site users and visitors.
    1. Intended to cause damage or offence to another person or organisation, including other users and this site itself.
    1. Intended to interfere with the site and its functioning.
    1. Meant to inject a virus or other coding into the website.
    1. Advertising a competitor website or other related third parties.
  2. GamblingPedia is not responsible nor obligated to review any published user content to check for breaches of the aforementioned publishing guidelines.
  3. The content submitted by users is not a reflection of the views of GamblingPedia. The site has the right to remove any content that they believe to be opposing, illegal, false, misrepresentative, or otherwise rightfully removed.
  4. All users that publish content to the site automatically grant ownership rights to GamblingPedia.com. The user waives any rights they previously had to the content.

 (10) Visitor Representations & Conduct

  1. This site is intended for gamblers of legal age located in the United Kingdom. When accessing the site, users represent that they are located within the UK or other locations where the same gambling laws are in place.
  2. Users recognise that the ability to access and read this site does not guarantee that the content is legal in the country that they are accessing it from.
  3. GamblingPedia is meant as an informational and educational resource only. Visitors agree to use the site in a personal capacity to fulfil these needs in accordance with the Terms.
  4. The user agrees to only visit GamblingPedia.co.uk if they are not doing so in connection with any unlawful activity. This includes:
    1. Collecting and using other users’ personal information.
    1. Accessing the site with the intention of copying, redistributing, or otherwise using its protected content.
    1. Harvesting any proprietary information related to GamblingPedia.
    1. Accessing the site’s source code to make similar derivative works.
  5. All users are prohibited from accessing the site and any of its content with the intention of harming the reputation of the website and its licensors.

 (11) Notification of Copyright Infringement

  1. GamblingPedia.co.uk respects others’ copyright and other intellectual property rights and never intends to infringe upon these with any of its content. The site agrees to correct and remove any cases of copyright infringement upon discovery.
  2. Any content that users believe to infringe on others’ copyright or rights to other intellectual property needs to be highlighted to the site. When notifying the site of such instances, details of the content and its location on the website must be emailed to GamblingPedia.

 (12) Termimation of Terms of Use

  1. The website has the right to terminate this Terms of Use agreement at any time without prior notice to the user. The user will immediately be restricted from accessing GamblingPedia.co.uk in the future.
  2. The site can choose to terminate the agreement for any reason, even if there has been no breach of the Terms, Privacy Policy, or Disclaimer.
  3. Users can terminate the agreement at any time by exiting the website and not revisiting it. This includes revisiting any of the services, software, and programmes offered by GamblingPedia.

 (13) Complete Agreement

  1. These Terms of Use are to be used together with the Privacy Policy and the Disclaimer to form the complete Agreement that users have with the site.
  2. In any instances where a set clause of the complete Agreement is not applicable in the location the user is accessing the site from, the individual clause will be waived. All other applicable clauses remain intact.
  3. In the case of any discrepancies caused by mistranslation of this Agreement into languages other than English, the version written in the English language will be in effect.

 (14) Contact Information

  1. All visitors can contact GamblingPedia.co.uk using any of the contact methods detailed on our Contact Us page.