Guide to Playing Online Slots

Guide to Playing Online Slots Slots are an online casino staple! There are thousands of online slot machines at most sites. Each is entirely based on luck with no skill involved. This means it is super easy to get started and begin making real money. In this ultimate online slots guide, we walk you through everything there is to know.

What Are Online Slot Machines?

Most of us already know what a slot machine is. In a land-based casino, these are simple gambling machines. Input your money, spin the reels, and the symbols will fall on the payline at random. The aim is to match different symbols to form winning combinations and get a payout. Online slot machines are the electronic version of these games that you can play at casino sites. They were the first online casino games and are still a favourite among UK casino players. Online slot machines are just as fair as their land-based counterpart. Their outcomes are random as the symbols are determined using an RNG. Yet, online slots take this traditional concept even further. Developers have made online slots in every theme imaginable. Most titles also include special symbols to add extra layers to the game. The precise symbols and their functions will vary between games. Common online slot symbols include:
  • Scatter Symbols: Scatters are symbols that score even if they aren’t on the payline. Hitting a Scatter anywhere on the reels will unlock its special features. Usually, they’ll trigger the bonus mini-games.
  • Wild Symbols: Symbols that can stand in as any other symbol on the reels. This increases your chance of hitting a winning combination.
  • Multipliers: These symbols multiply the value of your winnings by a fixed amount. Sometimes they are combined with Wilds or Scatters. When you hit more than one Multiplier, your winnings are increased even further.

How to Play Online Slots

Playing online slots is extremely fun and easy, even if you are a beginner. To get started, follow these steps:
  1. Head to a UK online casino and select a slot game from their library.
  2. Set your stake level and choose how many spins you want to play.
  3. Hit the “Play” button and sit back as the reels spin and symbols fall.
  4. If you land winning symbols, the game will tell you and your account will be credited.

Different Types of Online Slot Machines

Thousands of online slot games have been developed by leading games developers. Each differs in its symbols, layout, themes, and paylines. Moreover, some stick to the classic-style gameplay whereas others have impressive bonus rounds. All the games can roughly be divided into the below categories. Take a look and see which one you’re most drawn towards.

Classic Three-Reel Slots

Three-reel slots are more like traditional slot machines found at land-based casinos. These typically have one payline that you need to match three winning symbols in. As such, they’re the simplest online slot game. It is easy to keep track of which spins win as there is only one payline. But anyone looking for fast-paced gameplay with exciting bonus features might be disappointed. If you are after a classic slot game, Double Diamond by IGT is a great option.

Multi-Payline Slot Machines

As the name suggests, these have multiple reels and paylines. The most common layout is a 3 by 5 slot, which has five reels spinning with three rows. But some games are even busier with even more reels and rows! This means there are many ways to win. You can even win many ways on one spin if you have bet more than one payline. Doing so does raise the volatility of the game, but results in bigger payouts. Playtech’s Reel Classic 5 is a great multi-payline game you might love.

Online Video Slots

Online video slots account for the bulk of most online slot machines today. Typically, video slots will have at least five reels and up to hundreds of paylines. These games are most favourite for their incredible graphics and sound effects. The addition of these can take your gambling experience to the next level. You’ll find video slots in every theme imaginable. This includes popular movie franchises or music groups. These games often have exciting bonus rounds for even more entertainment. One of the most popular video slots at UK online casinos is “Jurassic Park”. This is based on the popular film franchise with well-known characters as the symbols. Hit the T-rex and you’ll unlock a bonus. Thunderstruck II, Book of Ra, and Starburst are three other popular options. If you know there is a theme that you like, there’s probably a video slot to match!

Progressive Slot Games

Some online slot games work on a network and share a jackpot prize. These are famous as progressive jackpot slots. Every time someone plays the game and doesn’t win, the size of the jackpot will increase. This keeps happening until some lucky winner takes home the lot. You’ll often see progressive slots with five- or six-figure prizes. If you truly want to take home a life-changing sum of money, these games could be the way to go. The most infamous progressive slot game is Mega Moolah by Microgaming. In 2015, one winner took home an astonishing EUR 17.8 million. This is still the most money ever won on an online slot game today. It is worth noting that smaller progressives run on only one network are also available. But the top prize takes a lot longer to accumulate.

3D Online Slots

3D slots are one of the newer slot variations available. These are regular video slots with improved graphics that look three dimensional. The goal is to make the game on the screen seem as real as possible. Developers are trying to make it look as if the symbols were right in front of you. If you want a game that wows its users, these slots are the way to go. Popular 3D slots include Cazino Cosmos and Vikings Go To Hell. Both of these are by leading developer Yggdrasil.

How to Choose an Online Slot Game

With so many online slots to choose from, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. Here are a few factors you should consider before deciding on a game:
  • High RTP: The RTP of an online slot refers to what rewards players can expect from a game. The higher this figure, the more money players will gain back over time. Ideally, you will only want to play online slots with an RTP of 95% or higher.
  • Leading Developers: The best developers make the best online slots, it’s as simple as that. Choosing games made by names you can trust guarantees an exceptional experience. Some leading developers include RealTime Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, and Playtech.
  • Big Jackpot Potential: The potential of a slot to payout is based on several things. You’ll want to look at the bonus spins and winning combinations. Or, you might be interested in playing progressives with large top jackpot amounts.
  • Exciting Theme: Your choice of theme is all down to personal preference. Thankfully, there are slots for everyone. Some will take you to ancient Egypt, whereas others into the storyline of your favourite film. Choose one that suits your interests and you’re onto a winner.
  • Lucrative Bonus Rounds: Some people prefer the simplicity of classic slots. Yet, most will enjoy exciting bonus features. Not only can these be lucrative, but they also add another aspect to the gameplay. This can prevent you from getting bored while helping to up your winnings.

How to Win Money Playing Online Slots

Online slot machines are down to pure luck. It doesn’t matter on the combinations the slot machine has already spat out, and it doesn’t matter who you are. Every spin of the reels is determined using an RNG. This means you cannot apply any skill when playing slots online. But that doesn’t mean you cannot improve your results! If you want to win money playing online slots, follow these top tips.

Choose Your Slot Game Carefully

As we have gone through, there is a lot to consider when choosing an online slot. Yet, the most important thing to remember is to base your choice on the type of player you are. For example, you are best choosing slots with high volatility if you’re wanting a big payout quickly. This means they won’t pay out often, but when they do the payouts are bigger. Gambling this way takes on a big risk for the chance of a big reward. On the other hand, if you’re wanting the best possible returns long-term you’ll want to take a different approach. Choose the game with the highest RTP possible for the best long-term gains.

Capitalise on Casino Offers

When looking at RTP, a slot game with an RTP of 100% represents you breaking even. There are no online slots with this RTP otherwise the online casino won’t gain anything. Indeed, the difference between the RTP and 100% is the house edge. Thus, every online slot you play would result in losses in the long term. The way that you can overcome this house edge is by capitalising on bonus offers. Thankfully, free spins are one of the most common promotions. As the name suggests, free spins let you have a go on slot games for free. The online casino will choose how many free spins you receive. They’ll also decide which slot titles you can claim them on. Look for free spins bonuses with low wagering requirements. This will increase the likelihood of you keeping any wins.

Stick with Your Gambling Budget

You also need to have a gambling budget and stick to it. This is a fundamental part of any form of online gambling. It means you only spend what you can afford to lose and can prevent your losses from getting out of hand. Remember that the outcome of the previous spins has no impact on the following spins. Learn to walk away at the right time. This is true after both a hot and cold streak. Never chase your losses and never chase a bigger win. You’ll only end up losing more.