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UK Lawmaker Accuses Gambling Commission of Being ‘Out of Control

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: July 17, 2023

The UK Gambling Commission has been called “out of control” by a member of British parliament. said that Carolyn Harris, a Labour MP and chair of the parliamentary all-party betting and gaming group, said these things. Harris said that the Commission, which oversees the gaming sector in the nation, isn’t doing enough to safeguard players and curb the spread of problem gambling.

As the lawmaker pointed out, the Commission hasn’t punished corporations that broke the rules and has let operators sell high-stakes gaming products without enough protections. She further argued that the Commission was not doing enough to stop unlicensed and illegal gaming sites.

Harris said that the Commission should be more aggressive and take tougher steps to protect consumers. She demanded an outside investigation into the commission’s functioning to guarantee its efficacy.

To safeguard customers and lessen the likelihood of problem gambling, the UK government is now examining the country’s gambling legislation, which is where the MP’s remarks fit in. The assessment is likely to lead to new laws and stricter controls for the gaming industry.

There has been no response from the UK Gambling Commission to the remarks made by the MP.

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