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Online Slots Tips

Author: Preston Davis | Updated: March 17, 2023

Online slot machines are one of the most exciting parts of an online casino. They’re fast-paced, come in every theme imaginable, and are straightforward to learn. This makes them a favourite amongst players of all ages and genders.

But before you get excited, you’ll want to read these practical tips for playing online slots. These strategy tips can help you win and have a more enjoyable time at online casinos. So, here are our top recommendations for playing slot games online without further ado.

1. Choose the Right Slot Machines

Want to know how to win online slots? Unfortunately, you cannot change the outcome of the game at all. Every online slot machines work using a random number generator. Thus, each player has an equal chance of winning with every spin, and no amount of skill can change this.

But while you cannot change the outcome of the slot game, you can choose which online slots you choose to play. Choose wisely, and you are in for a better chance of winning. Below are some factors that you need to consider:

Return to Player Rate

Although there is no way to guarantee success every time, your best option is to find a slot machine with a high RTP. This represents a return to the player and indicates how much you can expect to earn back over time. Slot machines with RTPs close to 100% are the best choice. Indeed, anything above 97% is considered competitive at online casinos.


Many players get obsessed with the RTP that they forget about other aspects of slot games. One key consideration is volatility. This refers to the frequency you will win based on the value of your wager. A slot machine with low volatility will pay out small amounts frequently. On the other hand, a highly volatile slot machine will pay out huge prizes but not very often.

Choosing a slot machine with high or low volatility depends on the type of player you are. Highly volatile slots are high risk yet have a higher reward. But if you’re looking for a safer and more guaranteed win, playing slots online with low volatility is best. For the average player (not the exception), these slots will pay out more over time as the small wins accumulate.

Slot Machine Simplicity

People are typically drawn to modern games with exciting bonus rounds when they play slots. This can end up being very profitable. Match the bonus symbols and unlock free spins, multipliers, and bonus games. Each of these can boost your chances of winning.

However, these bonus games have a downside; they make the slot more volatile. Moreover, developers spend much longer creating bonus-packed slot machines than simple ones. And more time working on something means more money was spent in the process. Developers will therefore want to take more from players before giving big payouts. So, sometimes simple is the way to go.

Jackpot Size

Lastly, you want to consider the jackpot size. Huge progressive jackpots can be extremely tempting. Often, these progressive jackpot slot machines have six-figure prizes attached.

Yet these progressive slots are not what you should be chasing. After all, the money in the pot has to come from somewhere! For most, the majority of coins you put into these won’t be seen again. Stick with slot machines that give smaller wins instead.

2. Consider Your Bet Size

You will always want to bet the maximum amount possible when you play online slots. This should be a crucial part of your slot machine strategy. When talking about the max bet, there are two things we mean:

  1. Betting the largest amount that the slot machine takes
  2. Betting on all the paylines that a machine has

For example, a slot machine with 25 paylines might have a minimum bet of £0.10 and a maximum bet of £1. The true maximum bet for this machine would be £25 (25 paylines x £1 max bet).

Where possible, you should always bet the max. This is especially true for progressive jackpot slot machines, as most progressive jackpots only payout on maximum bets. If you cannot afford this amount, you should consider using a different casino slot with lower limits. At a bare minimum, always activate all paylines on the machine. This gives you more ways to win with each spin.

3. Capitalise on Bonuses

Another of the best tips for online slots is to make the most of any casino bonuses. Every single online casino will run promotions of some sort. They often run welcome bonuses to lure new customers into the site. There are also bonuses for existing players as thanks for their continued loyalty.

Two of the most popular bonuses are free spins and deposit bonuses:

Free Spins Bonuses

Free spins are a type of casino bonus exclusively for use in slot machine games. They can be awarded to new and existing players that fulfil set criteria. You can spin the reels for free, giving you a great chance to win with zero financial risk. They are a great way to trial new slot games for free and potentially boost your bankroll.

Free spins cannot be used on all slots. The operator usually chooses online slot games new to their site and promoting. Also, bear in mind that wagering requirements will apply. You will need to clear these before you can withdraw any cash. Moreover, many free spins bonuses will be capped. This means even if you hit the jackpot, and you’ll only receive a portion of the prize. Read the T&Cs and use the casinos with the best bonus conditions.

Deposit Bonuses

Alongside free spins, online casinos can give you free site credit as a deposit bonus. You can use these bonus funds on their casino games. This includes online slots. Playing slot machines will help you clear deposit bonuses more quickly, as they usually contribute to 100% of the wagering requirements. Using bonus money can help reduce the house edge, so you win more overall.

Again, beware of wagering requirements before claiming any deposit bonus. The lower the wagering requirements, the more lucrative the offer will be.

4. Manage Your Money Carefully

Online slots are highly addictive. It can be easy to keep spinning to reels without realising how much you’re spending. But anyone wanting to succeed at online gambling needs to play responsibly.

This means setting a budget for your spending on slot machines and sticking to it. This figure should never be more than you can afford to lose. After all, even with these top tips, you could walk home empty-handed. In this way, it helps to minimise your losses.

Setting a budget will also help you make intelligent decisions when playing slot games. If you only have £100 in your weekly bankroll, you won’t spend this on a few spins. Instead, look for a slot machine with a low minimum bet. Every loss will be more minor, and even if you walk away with nothing, you get plenty of enjoyment out of it. The same couldn’t be said if you squandered all your money away on a couple of spins.

5. Play at Reputable Online Casinos

Always make sure you’re playing online slots at a reputable online casino. Some online casinos cannot be trusted and will rig their games. They’ll never spit out a winning combination, and you’ll never win money. Others will refuse to pay any winnings to have earned. For obvious reasons, this wants to be avoided.

Below are just some of the things you can look for in online casinos to assess their legitimacy:

  • Licensing: The online casino should be licenced by the UKGC. Licensing from the Gambling Commission is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom.
  • Games Selection: The site will have a good selection of slot machine games in its lobby. Look for sites that use software from the top game developers, such as Microgaming and NetEnt.
  • Player Reviews: Search for player reviews of the online casino to see if there have been any complaints. Frequent complaints that haven’t been resolved are warning signs.

For more help choosing online casinos, check out our comprehensive guide.

6. Know When to Walk Away

It can be hard to walk away from slot machines while having fun. But it is even harder to walk away when you have just lost a lot of money. Many players want to keep playing online slots to help recover some of their losses. Yet this is never a good idea. Players will always end up losing more in the long run. If your budget has run out, it’s time to walk away.

The same is true if you are experiencing a winning streak. Leaving can be hard when the prospect of winning more money is just around the corner. However, all slot games have a house edge that gives the casino an advantage. This means your luck will run out at some point.

If you’ve been playing slots and winning for some time, your luck will probably run out soon. As such, you need to know when to walk away from a winning and losing streak. Leave on a high and try not to be greedy. Remember, these games are designed for the casino to come out on top. If you’re winning, take your money and come back another day.


What is the best strategy for online slots?

It is impossible to win at slots every time. Yet you can choose slots with high RTPs, low volatility, and smaller jackpots for your best chances of winning.

Is there a trick to winning online slot machines?

There is no trick to winning a slot game every time. But playing favorable games with better odds will improve your chances of winning.

Is there a best time to play online slots?

There is no single best time to play slots online; any hour of the day is a great time. This is the beauty of online slot games. You can play them from anywhere in the UK any time you wish.

Preston Davis is a gambling writer based in London. He's always on the lookout for new Online casinos, bonuses, and games to write about - so you can be sure he's on top of any news as soon as it breaks. Preston takes his work seriously but likes to have fun too - which is why he thoroughly tests everything he reviews before giving his final verdict. Preston enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children when he's not writing or playing games.